Nguyễn Thúc Thuỳ Tiên X Đức Phúc - Trước Khi Thanh Xuân Nghỉ Ngơi

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Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, Miss Grand International 2021, is a person who often carries out meaningful activities with the community.

Among many ways to convey and honor national culture, Thuy Tien chose "nong-dân" as a thank and show appreciation for the richness of her homeland's agricultural products and the beauty of labor movement, farming cultures, and the majesty of nature.

Fillinus is honored to have placed the trust of the whole crew to produce the theme song for the program "nong-dân". Fillinus' production team understands Thuy Tien's mischievous and simple personality, along with Duc Phuc's dept emotional voice, “Trước Khi Thanh Xuân Nghỉ Ngơi" was born as a combination of those personalities.


6M views after 6 broadcast episodes

The song TKTXNN with "Nong-dan" has completed the mission of promoting agricultural products and the image of Vietnamese farmers.

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