"QUÉT" Sống Không Lo Nghĩ- MSB x Juky San x Bùi Công Nam x Fillinus

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The project "Quét Easy - Sống không lo nghĩ '' of MSB, as part of the campaign "Easy Scan - Live Without Worries," contributes to conveying the message of "simpler living for greater happiness." Instead of the traditional method - entering account information and the recipient bank, the QR code method helps users minimize operations and avoid errors, thus preventing many inconveniences and worries if cash or cards are forgotten.

The verb 'scan' is also used by MSB with multiple meanings, not only representing the physical feature of scanning QR codes but also conveying the spirit of scanning and reducing excess in life to alleviate burdens, pressure, and anxiety. This spirit is vividly expressed through the song "Quét (Sống không lo nghĩ)" produced by Fillinus, in collaboration with Juky San and Bùi Công Nam, recently introduced by MSB.


With its campaign "Scan easily - Live without worries" to promote the MSB mBank application's QR code, MSB has maintained its top spot on the YMI rankings for October 2023. The campaign's major activity is the Fillinus-produced music video "Quét Easy - Sống không lo nghĩ ".

In October 2023, MSB recorded a 410% increase in discussion participants compared to the previous month.

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