Lotte Chocolat Mới, Ngọt Ngào Niềm Vui Mỗi Ngày

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Lotte is a famous global confectionery manufacturer with many brands favored by consumers around the world. In Vietnam, Lotte officially launches the Lotte Chocolat branded cake line in 2022.

The creative idea of the campaign is to create a Jingle segment representing the brand, with a short, easy-to-remember, catchy melody. , while expressing freshness and youthfulness in accordance with the spirit of Lotte Chocolat.

The Fillinus team worked really seriously and produced the finished product "Ngọt Ngào Niềm Vui Mỗi Ngày" in collaboration with female singer Suni Ha Linh.


Although there are many competitors in the same segment, the campaign has helped Lotte Chocolat make a mark in the minds of customers (more than 3 million views on Youtube, 6 million approaches through digital marketing platforms, and tens of millions of contacts through traditional marketing platforms). ​

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